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Adobe acrobat x pro error 213 11 free

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What if I would have purchased and down the road had the issues I’m having with Pro XI and I was promised Lifetime Service on I have an email train asking how long is lifetime? I stated in California Lifetime is only 7 years. Why are you being derogatory towards me I’m the consume looking for help and Adobe Support is miss representing their product It is what Adobe Support put in an email to me several times in several different ways.

As I have stated! No reply? I have had offered at two different prices from Adobe Support. Yes for one computer and for two computers. Please forward this up the chain of command. JR Boulay. Updating your Acrobat XI to version Help menu : Check updates. Post Reply. Preview Exit Preview. You must be signed in to add attachments. About Adobe Acrobat. Tried on several PC’s with same consistent error. Adobe Acrobat.

Right-click the SLStore folder and choose Properties. Deselect the Read-Only check box. Launch the Creative Suite 5 application. Log in or sign up to see answer. Members can start a 7-Day Free trial then enjoy unlimited access to the platform.

Have started having issues with Acrobat XI Pro version just shutting down after about 5 seconds. Anyone able to advise what is going on and how to fix it? Thanks Dean. Crash or freeze. Follow Report. Community guidelines. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more.

Community Beginner , Jul 07, Jul 07, Explorer , Sep 17, Sep 17, Jump to latest reply. Hi Dean We are sorry for the trouble.

As described Acrobat XI pro is shutting down after 5 sec What is the version of the application installed? In Response To Amal. In Response To bassistant. In Response To try Works fine for me Try it again. Didn’t know if there was some time limit on the software since it is happening with both copies. In Response To williamd Hi Williamd, We are sorry for the trouble, As described the application is crashing on printing.

Solved for me: Was on version In Response To vabarb. Hey Vabarb, Thank you for sharing the observation. We are glad to hear that the issue got resolved. Feel free to contact us for any further assistance required in the future. Until yesterday, Photoshop worked normally, but now if I run the Photoshop application, the PC gives me an error window and Photoshop will not start.

What should I do to solve the problem? I have a purchased copy of PhotoShop Elements 9. When I run it now I get an error message – error: What does that mean? How to use the software I paid? Thanks a lot for your help! In Photoshop Elements license error. When you start the program you get a window that says of error , contact technical support. Install the error of the newspaper: “license store does not allow writing Adobe Creative Suite 5. A download application corrupted Windows 10 on my system and I had to download a new Windows 10 to replace the corrupted version.

In the process of cleaning and testing software, I needed to set up a new user profile on the system. I also had to keep the old user profile active that I’ve migrated files from one user to another profile. Doing that I should start CS5.

It’s clearly something to do with my local profile, perhaps the Windows registry, but who knows? Someone may have an idea, why just one profile generates the error on this PC, and why it happens even after the local profile has been completely deleted.



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Premiere This is the first time I’ve seen this and I’ve been using Premiere for years. The error message is tagged with the Error What to do? Premiere, nor any Adobe apps will run. And yes, I’ve restarted the workstation and re-opened Premiere. I’ve also followed suggestions found in other forums with folks have encountered the same error with opening other Adobe products.

All to no avail. The maximum file size is 47 MB. Valid file types are: 8bf, abf, abr, act, aep, afm, ai, arw, as, ase, avi, bmp, book, cel, cfc, chproj, cptx, cr2, cr3, crf, crw, css, csv, dn, dng, doc, docx, eps, epub, exif, fbx, fla, flac, flv, fm, gif, icma, icml, ico, ics, idml, indd, jpeg, jpg, jsfl, json, log, loss, lrcat, lrtemplate, m4a, mif, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, nef, nrw, obj, odt, orf, otc, otf, pdf, pfb, pfm, pmd, png, ppj, ppt, pptx, prc, prel, prproj, ps, psb, psd, raf, raw, rtf, sbs, sbsar, sbsm, scc, ses, sesx, skp, sol, srt, srw, ssa, stl, svg, swf, tif, ttc, ttf, txt, wav, wmv, x3f, xd, xls, xlsx, xml, xmp.

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Adobe acrobat x pro error 213 11 free

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