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Thank you for your message. First it prompted me to look at the drive again, and I had simply put it aside with other priorities taking precedence as the prior look at it was totally strange – I could not get into the drive at all, and only saw directory names preceded by a letter and a string of ”. I am wondering if there can be some issues releated to the Master File Table, but I may never know at this point. I do appreciate your pointing me to the CrystalDiskInfo, as it flagged 2 drives [yellow] with “Uncorrectable Sector count”, despite being reported by DiskPart as healthy.

My MB’s bios is set to accept both, and apparently does read both, but when my 4TB drive arrives on Saturday, it is my intention to back up the all MBRs convert them to GPT and stay with that format, since I have several big drives on the system. I use Acronis True Image , and while the version may have some advantages, I believe it can do the job – hopefully those Uncorrectable Sector count issues will not be show-stoppers!

Anyway, thanks for your help, and any further suggestions are most welcome! Back again with an update. After preparing to shut down for the night, I stuck that drive back in the USB 3. I’m not sure how it got to this point, but it seems like sitting with power on it for a while brought it around. In any case, I will proceed with the plan noted above when that 4TB drive arrives and see if that helps.

I am really puzzled as to why this drive shows up one day and not the next. Again, I am hoping that I don’t run into a show-stopper when I try the backup and restore.

I don’t think the cloning process will work, as there is apparently some issue not yet uncovered! Run the Acronis Disk Director setup file. Select Update. Proceed with the update. Follow the instructions on the screen. Then select Uninstall Acronis OS Selector in the installation program window and follow the program instructions.

Remove Acronis Disk Director 10 from your machine. Follow the on-screen instructions as described in Installing Acronis Disk Director p. Upgrading from the demo version of Acronis Disk Director 11 If you already have the demo version p. Run Acronis Disk Director. Operations on volumes whose size is larger than MB cannot be committed. If you experience problems installing or using Acronis products that you can’t solve yourself by using this guide, then please contact Acronis Technical Support.

More information about contacting Acronis Technical Support is available at the following link: In order to open a support trouble ticket, please fill out the Web form on the Acronis site; support will only open a trouble ticket if it is initiated from this form.

After reading this section, you will know the advantages and limitations of each possible volume configuration. In addition, you will be able to decide what types of disks and volumes best suit your needs for organizing data storage.

In this section Basic and dynamic disks Types of basic volumes Types of dynamic volumes Active, system, and boot volumes Dynamic volume types support Working with disks having a 4-KB sector size Basic and dynamic disks Each disk on your machine can be one of two types: basic or dynamic. Basic disks This is the type of disk that most computers originally have.

Basic disks can normally be used by any operating system, including any version of Windows. A basic disk can store one or more volumes called basic volumes. A basic volume cannot occupy more than one disk. When to use basic disks: On a machine that has only one hard disk drive On a machine that runs an older Windows operating system, or an operating system other than Windows By using Acronis Disk Director, you can convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk p.

Dynamic disks These disks provide a greater functionality as compared to basic disks. Dynamic disks can be used only by the Windows operating systems starting with Windows A dynamic disk can store one or more volumes called dynamic volumes. Unlike a basic volume, a dynamic volume can occupy more than one disk. When to use dynamic disks. Dynamic disks are most effective if your machine has more than one hard disk drive.

In this case, you can: Create a large volume that occupies several disks. Add fault-tolerance to your system and data, by mirroring a volume such as the one with the operating system to another disk. If a disk with one of these mirrors fails, no data will be lost on such volume. You may need to do so, for example, to install an operating system other than Windows on that disk.

Converting a dynamic disk to basic may require deleting some volumes on it, such as volumes that occupy more than one disk. The main difference between a primary volume and a logical volume is that a primary volume can be used as the system or active volume that is, a volume from which the machine or its Windows operating systems start.

On each basic GPT p. The maximum volume size on a GPT disk is 16 exabytes. The maximum volume size on an MBR disk is 2 terabytes. If you are not planning to use more than four volumes on the disk, all volumes can be primary volumes. Otherwise, you can leave the active volume and the system volume as primary volumes, and then create as many logical volumes as required. If the disk already has four primary volumes and you need to create a fifth volume, first convert one of the volumes but not the system or active volume to a logical volume, as described in Converting a primary volume to logical p.

Simple volume A volume p. Physically, a simple volume can occupy more than one region of disk space, which can be logically perceived as a single contiguous region. When you extend a simple volume to another disk, the volume becomes a spanned volume p.

When you add a mirror to a simple volume, the volume becomes a mirrored volume p. Spanned volume A volume that consists of disk space from two or more dynamic disks p.

A spanned volume can reside on up to 32 disks. Unlike mirrored p. Unlike striped volumes p. Access to data on striped volumes is usually faster than on other types of dynamic volumes, because it can be performed simultaneously on multiple hard disks.

Unlike a mirrored volume p. A striped volume is also known as a RAID-0 volume. Mirrored volume A fault-tolerant volume whose data is duplicated on two physical disks p. Each of the two parts of a mirrored volume is called a mirror. All of the data on one disk is copied to another disk to provide data redundancy.

If one of the hard disks fails, the data can still be accessed from the remaining hard disks. Volumes that can be mirrored include the system volume p. A mirrored volume is sometimes called a RAID-1 volume. Note: No redundancy provided by the dynamic volumes architecture can replace the proper backup procedure. If you want to be sure of the safety of your data, the best policy is to combine both precautions. Each such volume is called active, system, or boot, depending on its function.

Also looking at the number of unanswered forums posts, this really is looking like a “dead” product which is still for sale! Now your management has got to decide whether you are going to do an update for version 11 or an Acronis Disk Director 12 for Windows 8.

Or just tell us this is the last version discontinued. Like I say one year later without an update or any official statement about it’s future is unacceptable. PS the bootloader supplied with it is still seriously bugged, should you decide to do an update your QA needs to look at the many scenarios in the forums and rip it apart testing. Most annoying is the fact that they continue to push the product! It’s aimed at non-tech-savvy users who are most likely not to grasp the lack of stated Windows 8 support on the box.

Most users probably assume the box is merely old-stock and not reflecting reality. They then buy it, open it up, and are screwed when they find out 8 isn’t supported. This is an atrocious way to treat customers Acronis! Customers are not merely walking bank accounts. However, personally I cannot agree with you, because Acronis Disk Director 11 is a great tool even if it doesn’t support Windows 8 at the moment.

There are many users who are using Windows 7 or earlier versions, and Acronis Disk Director 11 can be very useful for them. I bought pc backup and recovery with a sticker on it that said includes disk director 11 inside.

The box lists in the first line Windows 8 all editions. I wanted to multi-boot my machine so I am stuck apparently with an incompatible product and can’t get a boot menu to install. We are almost in and Acronis did not publish anything new on Disk Director. Hello Everyone , currently we are working on the new version of Acronis Disk Director with Windows 8.

Thank you. I tried the “advanced” trial unit and now my old 11 won’t re-install on 8. Can os selector boot win8 and the previous version of windows? I have tried Disk Director 11 on a couple of Win 8.

On one a desktop system where I wanted to install both Win8. On the other a laptop with a Win 8. So, no joy on that one and uninstall and use the Windows utility instead. Clones and live backs-up entire systems as well. I, too, have registered a license of Acronis Disk Director Three years of posts and no progress. On-premises: click Download to open downloads page: On downloads page, select the necessary individual components for download or download the web installer:.

Click on Go to downloads to open downloads page: On downloads page, you can either download the web installer or select the necessary individual components for download:. Installation of the Latest Update of an Acronis Product. Acronis Customer Support Handbook. Account and Licensing FAQ. You could after that alongside the three present BlackBerry changes the Roadmaps app, and also free trial involving bar for you to round September turn into. It really is, however, Yahoo Earth for your controls, with just a stop useful for geography Vistaspecific version of.

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Acronis Disk Director 11 Home. User’s Guide – PDF Free Download

Use the CTRL-V key combination to insert the serial key. See Pasting Serial Number in the Installation Wizard of Acronis Products. Download the latest product update from the official Acronis web site. 2. Run the Acronis Disk Director setup file. 3. Click Update/Remove Acronis Disk Director.


Acronis disk director 11 home update 2 serial key free download

Use the CTRL-V key combination to insert the serial key. See Pasting Serial Number in the Installation Wizard of Acronis Products. Download the latest product update from the official Acronis web site. 2. Run the Acronis Disk Director setup file. 3. Click Update/Remove Acronis Disk Director.


Acronis disk director 11 home update 2 serial key free download. Acronis Disk Director 11 Update 2 & Acronis True Image Home 2013 [2 in 1 Boot CD – USB]


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To see the newest build number, please go to Product Updates page. Click Go to downloads: If applicable, select the operating system you want to install the software in. Windows is selected by default: Click Download :. Click Get product : Further steps depend on deployment type: Cloud deployment: click Open Cloud console , then click on the “account” icon in the top right corner and select Downloads from the drop-down menu.

Use Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste. Right click often doesn’t work in serial number boxes. There are many panic posts on the TI forum because the users don’t treat serial numbers and downloaded software install files with the care and respect that they deserve.

Disk goes away, some issue occurs with the backup and a reinstall of OS and Apps is necessary but it can’t be done because the serial numbers and install files for downloaded apps are lost – panic! Lee wrote: “When loading True Image it asks for the serial number which I enter. I’ve checked our registration and order base and was not able to trace any orders except Acronis True Image Upgrade.

Could you please clarify what product you’re upgraded from to Acronis True Image Home and where this full previous version was purchased? I have identical problem as earlier poster. I’ve purchased and somehow successfully upgraded it from 11 on my main machine It didn’t ask me for an old serial number that I recall , but now I want to load it onto a machine at my weekend location and am being asked for my old serial number.

What now? If you registered your TI11 purchase in your Acronis account, you’ll be able to log on and download the serail number.

Other than that you’ll have to send all your details – name, invoice date, where purchased from, payment method and info to Acronis Sales.

I bought acronis true image version 9 by package Disk Expert 3 Micro Application, your formal distributor in France. I suggest you either email Sales or contact Chat with your purchasing details, they should then be able to fix the licence problem. I ran into this issue with trying to reinstall my paid-for ATI Upgrade.

The installer kept asking for the serial number of the previous product. So, at least as far as ATI Upgrade is concerned, its installer didn’t see any qualifying installed product Maxblast in this case for the upgrade to automatically install using just the serial number provided when you purchased the upgrade.

Thus, if you previously had Maxblast or similar program installed Seagate provided a similar program with their hard disks but that program no longer is present and you can’t reinstall it for lack of the CD which came with your hard drive, then you will not be able to reinstall your paid-for ATI Upgrade unless you first reinstall Maxblast or the equivalent Seagate drive cloning software.

Anyway, try installing MaxBlast, reboot, and then see if you can run the ATI installer without it asking you for a previous serial number. So I email on december 3rd sav microapp. True Image accept my licence number and it works with it since i bought it.

The only problem is the registration Philippe , could you please send me a Private Message with your serial number, so I’ll check what went wrong and fix the issue with the registration? This may be correct in some cases but not in all. My machine died and I tried to install it on the new one. Besides asking for the serial number, which I have on my order form, it also asked for the serial number of the product from which I had upgraded.

This is rather strange, as I upgraded from Seagate Disk Wizard, which is another Acronis product given away for free by Seagate. So I chatted to both companies and got no answers. What sort of way is this to treat customers? The purchase was less than one year ago, and no support seems to be available at all.

Does anybody know where I can locate the registration number in my Version 9? Also, Acronis Inc. I was acquainted with somebody in Customer Support in the Burlington Ma. I live close by in Massachusetts as well.

I do not know what happens to men when they reach a certain level of success but now the Executive Management of Acronis are a-holes and they have now outsourced the Customer Support that was manned by Americans and provided Americans with some employment. So the Traitors decided to bolster India’s economy, giving Indians the jobs.

However if you have registered your copies of TI then the serial number will be available to you under your account log in. Your off topic argument about traitors is somewhat out of whack, as Acronis are originally a Russian company, therefore your theory is self defeating – unless of course your a a russo-american, and even then it is off kilter. Really, a Russo-American company? Please point me to your source info that you know about. I don’t go off half cocked like most young guys that make statements and don’t back it up with referencable info.

Acronis is an American Company! I can find no info on Acronis Inc. Which legally makes it an American Company. If you have additional info to enlighten me to that end.

I would be happy to receive it. For your edification Bodgy, there is no legal designation of a business entity of Russo-American. It’s seems that from the Founders Bios on the Acronis site and Bodgy , with all due respect I don’t care what you think about “on topic” or “off topic” or what you think is whacked or not.

How old are you? Posts: 0. Comments: 1. Colin B. Forum Hero. Posts: Comments: Could you both outline exactly how your drives are setup? Are they really GPT basic types? Are they hybrid drives? If you make a recovery CD, can the recovery environment boot and see your drives? Do you have any disk manufacturers utilities installed?

If you have an external USB hub attached or a card reader, what happens if you disconnec them? Are your machines a brand name model or one made by yourselves or a computer shop? On a clear disk you can seek forever. Richard Holliday. Comments: 6. Richard, Are you running DD12 from wihtin Windows or from bootable media? Is the new drive going to be your OS drive or a data only drive?