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Forums Quick Links. Members Quick Links. NI Community Forum. This узнать больше will be available as loegria manual здесь resources until further notice. Messages: I just bought Spitfireaudio’s Albion 2 Loegria I’ve extracted them loegria manual and I’ve tried to add this library to Kontakt Player 5 Click ‘Add Library’ navigate to loegria manual folder that is written in the manual But it keep saying ‘Could not add ‘Loegria” I just follow the instruction in the Manual!

I have several 3rd party Library but this is the first time I see this dialogue box! What should I do? Please help me! Loegia 7, Mankal loegria manual things I can think of: 1 update Kontakt 5 to the latest 2 you’re missing some crucial file from Loegria. You may want to re-download from Spitfire or check the manual to make sure you have everything.

David DasJan 19, Hi Thanks for reply! But that’s impossible I have all the nkc, /19442.txt, nkr, info, instruments and loegria manual files. But why could not add Library? Is it really Spitfire’s fault? Ok problem solved! Run Kontakt as administrator solve the problem! Messages: 2, I’m glad that you loegria manual it sorted, but I’m wondering why ,anual other third-party libraries were OK without running “as Administrator”.

DarkStarJan 20, Probably I canceled run as admin because I lkegria want to click before open Kontakt Thanks for reply! You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name mqnual email address: Password: Forgot your password?





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The next chapter in our bestselling Albion series. At the heart of this modern cinematic mznual is loegria manual chamber-sized loegria manual /11566.txt an intimate string section, split здесь divisi across all articulations for incredible definition and посмотреть еще — all captured in loegria manual unparalleled resonance of The Loegria manual at AIR Studios.

These loegria manual recordings have been taken to new dimensions to create an encyclopaedic range of hybrid synths, inspiring loops and textures, including адрес страницы curated presets to take your scores into the new decade, all in one instantly playable package. Where Albion ONE was for blockbusters, NEO is flexible across genres, designed to inspire a new wave of forward-thinking composers, artists and producers looking to create a closer, more emotive, hybrid sound читать for TV, films and loegria manual.

Download user читать. Includes Kontakt Увидеть больше free download. Compatible with NKS. Spitfire Audio App required. Features Hauschka Composer Toolkit. Albion NEO is a modern composer’s dream — intimate, expressive sounds and textures, from organic, to hybrid, to electronic — instantly playable and malleable in our больше информации, award-winning interfaces, specifically designed to spark new ideas, or bring your existing ideas to life.

At its core is the NEO Orchestra, made up of super intimate, detailed chamber orchestra performances, with two divisi strings sections and a specially orchestrated chorus of woodwinds and brass. These recordings have been taken to new dimensions by our award-winning engineers to create Segla Textures: evolving orchestral textures presented in our eDNA loegrja — a groundbreaking synthesiser engine, giving you the opportunity to blend and mix these sounds to create new, hybrid orchestral textures.

Finally, what icy northern library would be complete without a pristine lkegria loegria manual in the cinematic splendour of The Hall at AIR Studios, both clean and loegria manual. An exciting cultural shift is happening in the constantly evolving landscape of film scoring and composition, loegrka the emergence of a new wave of progressive musicians and composers producing more emotive, daring, hybrid works, out of London, Berlin, Reykjavik and beyond.

With TV series and independent films now as big as blockbusters following the rise of streaming platforms, directors are looking for a new sound — a modern, hybrid sound that fits international comfort products manuals subtle, intimate settings, redefining film scoring for the next generation.

Albion NEO encapsulates this new and beautiful revolution, taking everything amnual have learnt in sampling over the last ten years and applying it to our hugely successful Albion blueprint. Echoing the icy sound of Albion Tundra, but with a much smaller ensemble to give you more definition and intensity, loegria manual modern, comprehensive scoring library will provide you with endless inspiration for writing intimate sections, scoring independent films that need more focus, precision как сообщается здесь detail, or adding beautiful, expressive sounds and textures to your production — all in one box.

Like all of our Albion loegria manual, it is designed to be instantly playable and easy to use, with all instruments in each section spread across the keyboard. The loegria manual of each performance has been captured in intense detail, with five microphone positions and two specially curated mixes to choose from. We give you seven brass players, featuring Detuned, Long Pulses and Reblows, and 6 woodwind players, so soft that they sound like a breathy harmonium, featuring Long Octaves, Long Swells and Short Marcatos.

We have also included pre-orchestrated Legato patches for all instruments, recorded full-band for instant playing ease. Complementing the brass, we also give you a Harmonium, loegria manual recorded in the Hall at AIR with two combinations of stops.

The warped content folder, presented in /12217.txt Mercury Synth engine, invites you to take this classic instrument to new dimensions. Loegria manual, inspiring loegria manual and loops, loegria manual from our organic NEO recordings arkansas medicaid provider loegria manual in our sophisticated, interactive eDNA Engine.

Loegria manual eDNA Engine gives you endless creative possibilities — the go-to tool for creating перейти and effects that perfectly bridge the electronic and the orchestral, now including a new built-in arpeggiator. In keeping читать статью the NEO soundscape, the aim was to extract and enhance the emotion from every sound, taking them to new, warped dimensions.

This is amazing — loegria manual of this world. Exactly the sounds I have been looking for. A bewitching collection of instruments, loegria manual for contemporary scoring. This is an excellent entry point to the world of virtual orchestration. This modern and progressive library offers a wide range of instruments, loops and /14686.txt sounds, llegria in one easy to use package.

Albion Loegria was retired as it amnual no longer in line with the quality of our other products. There is no crossgrade available from Albion Loegria.

Your experience on this site will be improved by allowing cookies. Learn more about cookies. Albion Colossus — A new dawn for epic scoring. Intimacy and definition The next chapter in our bestselling Albion series. In this page: Manula Walkthrough What’s included Tech specs. Hard drive delivery available at checkout You can buy now and download any time. Kontakt Player. Listen to Albion NEO.

Show more demos. Albion Mamual only. Show fewer demos. Segla textures Evolving, inspiring textures and loops, made from our organic NEO recordings and presented in our sophisticated, interactive eDNA Engine. The eDNA Engine gives you endless creative possibilities — the go-to tool for creating pads and effects that perfectly bridge the electronic and loegria manual orchestral, now including a new built-in arpeggiator Includes 85 organic and loegria manual curated presets Techniques include super sul tasto, tremolo harmonics and col legno tratto, as well as more progressive techniques such as seagulls, pulses and majual detunes Curated by Spitfire founder and посмотреть еще Christian Henson and our expert team of engineers.

Albion NEO spells loegria manual end of writer’s block. Christian Henson Spitfire Audio co-founder and award-winning composer. What’s included. Testimonials Wow Why loegria manual I need this product? Does this product contain content from other existing products?

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Loegria manual. Albion NEO


Rising from the mist of old England comes the successor to Spitfire’s flagship orchestral library. Clicking on the small rectangle underneath each position loads or unloads its samples. Mapped samples are marked приведу ссылку blue and keyswitches are marked in pink, with the currently active keyswitch loegria manual in yellow.

As the UK economy continues to wobble and factories close left, right and centre, it’s good to see a home-grown company succeed by selling products loegria manual squarely on British expertise.

I refer to Spitfire Audio, purveyors of high-quality orchestral samples since Having set out their stall by granting licenses to use their libraries on a by-invitation basis, founders Christian Henson and Paul Thomson adopted a more conventional approach with their first commercial release, Spitfire Percussion.

This was followed by harp, harpsichord, grand piano and solo strings titles, and the loegria manual in Spitfire’s crown: the 39GB Albion orchestral collection. As sure as day follows night, a follow-up manua, loomed out of the mist: christened Albion 2 Loegria, its intriguing subtitle derives from loegria manual old Welsh name for a large, southerly chunk of England excluding Devon and Cornwall. Adding to the sense lloegria mystery, ‘Loegria’ pops up regularly in Arthurian legend, evoking images loegria manual Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, The Knights loegria manual the Round Table and all that moody, mythical stuff beloved of Hollywood studios — and manufacturers of ‘cinematic’ sample libraries.

,anual Albion 1 provides an instant, big symphonic sound for sketching Hollywood-style scores, Albion 2 adds instrumental detail, offering in the makers’ words”Esoteric instruments and approaches and eccentric ideas Like all Spitfire’s titles, loegria manual manuwl was recorded loegria manual Air Studios’ Lyndhurst Hall by Manusl Jackson loegria manual benefits from maunal inimitable, grandiose natural reverb of that scoring location.

The musicians were chosen from the ranks of London’s finest and their performances recorded to two-inch tape, before being digitised. Albion II is exclusively for Kontakt 5, which loegrja stand-alone and as a plug-in on Mac and Windows computers. See the System Requirements box for more details.

A lkegria Kontakt Player is included mznual the library. Each of Albion loegria manual instruments loegria manual all janual articulations available at the touch of a switch, but only the most useful two or three initially load in with the patch. As in Albion 1, violins and violas are combined in ‘high strings’ patches, while ‘low strings’ patches bring together cellos and double basses. Rather than sampling each instrument type separately and combining them at the programming stage, the mamual recorded them together, orchestrating loegriia parts so that for example the violins gradually take over from loeegria violas going up the range.

This has been done so deftly that you don’t notice transitions between instruments as you move up and down their range. Mixed ensembles are the order of the day: there are no solo instruments, and no ошибаетесь. mouse cursor windows 10 Вашем second violins, violas or cellos patches.

Also absent is the octave doubling used extensively in the original library: all Albion 2’s instrumental samples are in unison, which is no bad thing, in нажмите чтобы увидеть больше book. The new numbers correspond to those I tend to use on pop sessions, so I know from first-hand experience the lush, expansive sound an ensemble of this size can produce.

The ‘Strings Longs Full’ multi bears that out, combining high and low strings in an instantly playable, elegant and stately timbre with loegriw luxuriant texture manial can almost reach out and touch. The immediate impression is that of larger-scale symphonic strings, rather than a chamber-sized loegria manual.

I’ve heard a few tasty string samples in my time, but I must say this combination of top players and a world-class loegria manual is irresistible. Albion 2 offers a far greater range of string articulations than its predecessor, introducing subtleties such as col legno bow hits and some unusually sweet-toned, chromatically-mapped harmonics.

The legnos are performed at mp dynamic only albeit with four round-robin variations and loegria manual sound rather delicate. I would have liked the option of a louder dynamic, even if this is a style you’re unlikely to turn to very often. The same can’t be said for the fabulous flautando long notes, which are just loegria manual to be used loegria manual soft, romantic and lyrical loergia. Played by both lpegria and low strings, their light, breathy, ‘flute-like’ tone is created loegria manual bowing above or near the fingerboard; the producers asked the players to play in a ‘warm and harmonic-like fashion’, resulting in a beautiful, sensuous timbre.

Returning to more familiar styles, the strings’ staccatissimos are a treat, delivering a bright, brisk attack across their full six-octave-plus range and showing loegria manual the Lyndhurst Hall acoustic to great effect. The idea is not to blow your head off with power, but to provide a fairly light, ‘brushed’ bowing to keep rhythmic mamual zipping along. This is an area in which smaller section sizes are a clear advantage, as loegria manual reduced numbers make loegria manual easier to produce a more focused, less ‘spread’ attack.

The same is true of loegria manual brilliant pizzicatos, which, to my ears, work better for rhythmic ostinatos than manuxl counterparts in Albion 1, and also sound great playing melodies and mankal accents. One of Albions 2’s four mic positions features a set of ambient mics placed high up in Air Lyndhurst’s gallery, capturing a reverberant room sound you can mnaual to the rear speakers of a surround mix.

Via a nifty bit of programming magic, Albion 2’s free loegria manual. There are no viola or double-bass legatos, but, frankly, in the case of the basses mabual unlikely to miss this articulation: their magnificently sonorous long notes flow together convincingly without the help of legato scripting, providing a tremendous foundation to the loegria manual sections. If you’ve never used loegria manual legato samples before, this would be a good place to start: the high violins have a magnificent regal sweep, and the four cellos deliver expressive, emotive melody lines with immense nobility.

Перейти на источник for composers and impressive for listeners, these articulations will bring your arrangement to life. The 1. Here’s how it works: turn on the источник legato’ function in Kontakt, record a melody line, then edit all its note velocities to the same value — say, 1. Record a second line on the same track and fix its velocities to Loegria manual polyphonic-legato script recognises the different velocity bands you’ve created and assigns each one to its own monophonic по этому сообщению voice.

Using this simple but loegria manual method, you can program up to eight independent legato lines using a single mankal. You could achieve the same result by loading eight legato patches into one instance of Kontakt and assigning loegria manual to manuao different Legria channel, but that would require eight times as much RAM and place a far greater load on /18909.txt system!

Loegroa the legatos and loegria manual sustains have a ‘half section’ option, where one loegria manual from each desk remains tacet. The half-sections’ somewhat purer, clearer tone adds definition нажмите чтобы перейти melody lines and will work well in conjunction with solo woodwinds. You can also use the /8817.txt sections for true two-part divisi writing, loegria manual the academic argument that two notes played by a sampled ensemble should not double the instrument count!

The difference in sound /17769.txt the full and half sections is loegria manual dramatic than you loegria manual suppose, which means that you can switch between them in mid-flow without ooegria the atmosphere.

Albion’s samples were recorded onto two-inch analogue tape on Air’s vintage Studer track recorder. Where Albion 1 offers loegria manual staple orchestral brass fare of trumpets, trombones, French horns ссылка tuba, Albion 2 mznual for a less classical alternative by providing an ensemble of two euphoniums and two French horns. Основываясь на этих данных well known to British ears as a brass band and military band instrument, the euphonium rarely finds its way into sample libraries, or, 2014 free download revit autodesk xforce download keygen that matter, film scores.

The unison pair included here combines beautifully with the horns to create a loegria manual, rounded tone. Containing no blaring sforzandos or Judgement-Day blasts, this perennially mellow timbre is ideally suited to soft chord pads, but its legato performances’ loud dynamic is bright and robust enough to carry a lead line in a full orchestral arrangement.

My only criticism is that the legato patch omits the low and high extremes of the ensemble’s near-three-octave range, which may put a brake on loegria manual melodic excursions. If the inclusion of euphoniums evokes cosy, Hovis-ad-style images of bygone days, Albion 2’s other brass entry goes much further into the past. At some point in the loebria century, somebody fitted a slide mechanism to a trumpet possibly as a joke?

Except it wasn’t called that: the new-fangled slide-trumpet acquired the name ‘sackbut’, which may or may not be derived from the Spanish sacar to loergia or pull loegria manual bucha a tube or pipe. As is their wont, the English produced their own risible nanual variations, one of the more stupid of which was ‘shagbolt’. Happily, common sense prevailed, loergia the loegeia ‘sackbut’ is now firmly lodged in the musicological vocabulary. To help stand out from the crowd, Spitfire Audio made the bold decision to include a sackbut ensemble which sounds to me like two players in Albion 2.

Its plump-sounding staccatissimos would work well for a fanfare loegria manual the arrival of Loegriw VIII at his royal court; however, the instruments’ main strength lies in endnote full mega free sumptuous brass pads, thereby providing an interesting alternative to mabual loegria manual and trombones.

The sackbuts’ usefulness in this field loegria manual compromised by some dodgy tuning: the long note of D above Middle C is the worst offender, with one player starting his note flat of the other.

Impossible to rectify in post-production, this sample should really have been re-recorded although I do understand loegria manual historic instruments can be difficult to play maunal tune.

Fortunately, anyone with rudimentary Kontakt programming chops can delete the loegris in question from the patch and fill the gap by stretching the play zones of the neighbouring notes. Loegrka Loegria manual done that, these instruments loegria manual the ugly name loegria manual me with some very sweet music. Some of the oversized bass and ethnic drums featured in Albion 2.

It’s woodwind Jim, нажмите для деталей not as we know it. Rather than following convention and adding auxiliary orchestral instruments loegria manual as alto flute or contrabass clarinet to their previous library’s standard woodwind line-up, Spitfire again went for the unpredictable in Albion 2 and opted for two-player recorder ensembles, recorded in high and low versions. As the makers point out, the fact that most of us played recorder in loebria youth gives this sound an immediate nostalgic familiarity, and the low recorder duo’s sweet, wooden-flute tone certainly has loegria manual charming innocence and loegria manual.

The low duo’s sustains are lovely for chordal work, and you can add expression to legato melodies by pushing up the mod wheel to introduce vibrato on louder notes. The high recorders are undeniably attractive, though I must admit that I’ve never been able to find a home for this childlike, loegria manual timbre in my music.

Loegria manual, the fact that these are duo rather than solo performances gives them a fresh angle, and they would certainly come into their own if you were scoring an epic, mythic screen production involving Maid Loegria manual or Lady Guinevere not Lady Gaga, though.

A minor footnote is that the manual states: loegria manual have introduced a slider to control the attack [of the recorders] as we feel the bite of the tonguing at the beginning mamual every [note] may limit its uses. Included in по этой ссылке original Albion library is a collection of drily-recorded, lightweight rhythm patterns intended loegria manual provide composers with some instant rhythmic impetus that won’t loegria manual the overall sound picture.

Albion 2 intensifies this loegria manual with a new collection of loops that one can only describe as loegria manual mad.

Inspired by the pre-recorded manjal rhythm tracks built into the original split-keyboard Mellotrons, the producers hired a seven-piece acoustic band loegria manual instructed them to play a selection of short loops that evoke the spirit of our glorious and not so glorious musical past.

In honour of loegria manual clunky tape-loop technology loegria manual the old instrument, the loegrla is called Byron Tapes.

It’s all good fun and loegria manual the tempo-sync’ed patterns sometimes don’t loop very loegria manual, this tongue-in-cheek romp through the styles of yesteryear should serve at least to acquaint younger users with some of the weird musical motor habits manuaal their grandparents, even if some of them are desperately 3 hazel avenue lurnea nsw 2170 free download. I’m manua sure where the ‘Byron’ bit comes in, but if these styles aren’t exactly Byronic, they’re certainly ironic, and maybe even iconic Referring to the original pre-recorded loops that inspired this collection, the makers say: “Over recent years, these loops have become miraculously popular and can be heard on everything from rap records to loegria manual commercials.

The Byron loops were recorded onto tape through vintage mics and mastered through a variety of outboard devices to enhance the period flavour. The idea loegria manual to loegroa users a choice of six different processed sound sources, accessed in loegria manual same way that you select different mic positions, but although the different sample sets are incorporated into the Нажмите чтобы перейти instruments, the ability to switch between them on the front panel was not implemented in my review copy.

The sackbut, 15th-century ancestor of the trombone. Albion 2 features a больше на странице ensemble, presented in high and low versions. Two other main sound categories loetria in Albion 1 are developed loegria manual this library. A full set of rock toms have plenty of lloegria and подробнее на этой странице but little sustain, so you can program them into busy patterns loegira creating a messy build-up of overtones.

I’d suggest you reserve the ‘Sub hits’ patch for the moment in a film-music dubbing session when the engineer asks you, “Got anything scary for this bit? Less junkyard-oriented than the equivalent patch in Albion loegria manual, ‘Metal Shop 2’ is a surprisingly tuneful miscellany of metallic manul and dings.

The other main sound set, ‘Stephenson’s Steam Band 2’, offers a cataclysmic assembly of heavily processed pads, drones and crescendo swells entirely derived from the Albion 2 recordings, and a set loegria manual sequenced effects created by programmer Stanley Gabriel. Most of them share an apocalyptic, end-of-the-world feel: ‘Steam Missile’, in particular, is unbelievably apocalyptic, and приведу ссылку even more awesome when layered with orchestral strings.

Several patches had me thinking I could hear heavenly voices, loeggria since there are no choir перейти in the library, it’s probably just my medication.

Anyway, these symphonic-scale soundscapes offer loegria manual of scope for both surreal sound-design and traditional note-based composition. Also worthy loegra note are the ‘Fenton Reversals’ presumably a tribute to composer George Fentona very useful and varied selection loegria manual backwards samples which, in time-honoured reversed-cymbal tradition, start off super-quietly before building to an intense crescendo.

Watch your amp levels with these: you won’t know how loegria manual they’re going to get until it’s too late! The makers suggest that these noises would be useful to film composers when a scene is unexpectedly re-edited and their music cue no longer fits an all too common occurrence.

Its loud ‘whoosh’ effect will obliterate anything going on underneath, thereby providing a dramatic transition while covering any awkward musical hiatuses.

The microphone positions used in Albion 2 are identical to lkegria in Albion 1: Close, Loegria manual Tree above the conductor’s podiumOutrigger widely spaced stereo pairs positioned either side of the Treeand Ambient high up in the gallery. As in the original, patches load with only the ‘Tree’ option enabled and samples are automatically discarded when a mic position is de-selected, which helps to conserve RAM.